We are passionate about colour, design and the joy of living at

Island Blue Tobermory!

When we formed ourselves six years ago in our harbour home of Tobermory I think we thought let’s just see what we can create that excites us and, in turn, hope all who step across our doorway will find it equally so. I think that we have stuck pretty close to our core mantra year after year ever since!

One of our beliefs is to buy from suppliers and producers that are equally passionate about what they do themselves. With thousands of possible companies we could buy from to make up the mix of an individualistic gift shop such as ours then why not fill it with great products created by great people! It gives more value in every sense to all that we do.

Another sentiment that is particularly important to us, and is a key element when we are buying or considering adding a new company to our ranks, is that we strive to sell products that are ethically produced or sourced. Whether it be that the products are produced using eco friendly methods, or they support small communities around the world, we try our best to make sure our products have a positive impact on the environment and also the people who produce them. In a lot of cases our suppliers have really long standing relationships with designers and makers from all over the world. We love an international feeling, after all we are very much interdependent on each other for the long term health of us all and the planet itself!

Well that’s us, passionate about being different, and you can certainly always expect the unexpected with Island Blue Tobermory!


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